NAHL Fairbanks Ice Dogs

Appearance Requests

The Ice Dogs are proud to be able to give back to Fairbanks and the surrounding communities that support the team.  The Ice Dogs will utilize the resources of its players, coaches and staff to participate in a number of events throughout the season. 

To learn more about the Fairbanks Ice Dogs community programs, or to request player appearances, contact Kim Stone at 452.2111, or by email at



The Fairbanks Ice Dog players are available for a limited number of appearances, depending on the time of year requests are made. The majority of player appearances are community service, school or charity events and business functions. Players are not available on game days. Appearances are limited to one hour. Players generally wear casual clothing to appearances unless specific dress is requested.


We want this experience to be beneficial for those involved with your event and the players, themselves. With that in mind, we ask that each appearance meet the following criteria:

  • Direct interaction with community (interaction with kids is especially appreciated)
  • Clear role for the player at the event (ex: read books, hand out awards, etc)
  • No athletic events with risk of injury
  • Maximum player time (as large number of kids influenced as possible by visit)
  • Publicity opportunities


There is no fee for an Ice Dog player appearance.


All speaking appearance requests for Fairbanks Ice Dog coaches and staff must be made in writing.

Schedules vary greatly but are very similar to those of players. When players are unavailable, so too are many others in the organization who play supporting roles on and off the ice.

Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks to process your request.

Use of the Fairbanks Ice Dogs name and logos that implies the support of an event by the Fairbanks Ice Dogs must be approved by the Community Relations Department prior to its use.

Before promoting a Fairbanks Ice Dog player appearance, please check with the Community Relations Department for acceptable practices. For Questions or to request an appearance form, contact Kim Stone at 452.2111, or email